Chat BOT Challenge

22nd July - 23rd July 2017

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ATMECS is uniquely positioned in terms of not only simply following traditional engineering services model but also investing in extensive research in Cloud, Big Data and Automation related services. ATMECS has a state of the art cloud lab, which enables the team to provide proof of concepts as well as an implementation accelerator (incubation services) to enhance our value proposition to our customers.​ Our product development continues to scale new heights by visionary implementation of QA automation framework (ATMECS IP). The team also works on developing solutions for Data Migration for Big Data Implementations.

ATMECS offers following services:

  • Data Services
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  • Mobile Computing

ATMECS takes the role of a “Trusted Partner” with its several Fortune 500 customers. ATMECS is also partnering with many startup companies to deliver best quality and scalable services.

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About Event

Chatbots are a new and improved medium for businesses and users to interact with each other. Chatbots are more personal, don’t require installation and come in a familiar UI. The era of messaging has arrived along with a botpocalypse, but few people have seen examples that go beyond the personal assistant, travel butler, or shopping concierge. The aim is simple - encourage everyone (not just the developers) to come up with ideas for building disruptive bots for enterprise.

At ATMECS, we feel that we are passing through a rare moment when it becomes clear that a technological revolution is upon us, and we believe we’re in the midst of one such transition right now. Even if you haven’t realized it yet, bots are everywhere. As part of ever growing IT community in Hyderabad, conducting this BOT challenge is our way of contributing back to the community. We feel that the BOT Challenge will be a platform for exchanging new ideas and an opportunity to interact with industry experts apart from the competition.


    The objective is to encourage everyone (not just the developers) to come up with ideas for building disruptive bots for enterprise.

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Rules & Regulations

  • A ‘team’ can consist of one to maximum 3 members
  • A person cannot be part of more than one team.
  • The theme of the competition will be ‘application of BOTs in enterprise business scenarios’.
  • Teams are encouraged to come up with unique & innovative ideas which are more than just plain conversations.
  • Teams are free to use any open source or licensed software tools for the development. Organizers will not be responsible for any license violations.
  • Teams & Team members will have to bring their own laptops for the competition.
  • Organizer will be providing restricted internet access all through the competition.
  • All the tasks should be completed within the time limit mentioned.
  • Organizer will have right to reject or dismiss a team from the competition.
  • Teams will have to check-in the code to the Code storage provided by the organizer.
  • The competition will involve mainly three stages, Ideation, execution & evaluation.
  • Evaluation and final decision will be at the sole discretion of the Organizer.

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We are here to answer any questions you may have about our BOT Challenge Event. Reach out to us and we will respond as soon as we can.